Monday, September 9, 2013

Recap of my life the last 4 months

So, this is long overdue, but here is a recap of life the last 4 months since moving to Mexico May 15th.  Enjoy!

my bedroom

my massive bathroom

looking down on the city of Magdalena from the mountain (hill) of the cross

view of campus looking (from left to right) at the bodega, church, school, and girls' house where I live 

view of (from right to left) the office, kindergarten/computer lab, and the old girl's dorm, now a house

The  month of June was spent in Tuscon with Tadeo, Mati, and Lupita.  Tadeo and Lupita were blessed to be able to cross the border and go to a summer therapy program.  Therapy was Monday-Friday from 1:00-4:30pm.  On the weekends we went to the zoo, the Children's Museum, swimming, and just relaxing at the Ronald McDonald House where we stayed for 4 weeks.  It was a special treat to have my parents come down for Father's Day weekend.  All in all, it was a great month, but we were all ready to head back south!
Mati, Lupita, and Tadi at the zoo

Tadi at the elephant exhibit

Tadeo and Lupita playing at the Ronald McDonald House

Dad and Tadeo at the Children's Museum

Our last day of therapy was a fun day and the kids got their faces painted.  Tadeo chose a puppy and Lupita chose a butterfly.  Let's just say the paint didn't stay on for long:)

July was spent watching kids as different caregivers went on vacation.  I don't have pictures of all the kids I took care of, but here's a few. 
Got to play in the rain when it only rains for a few months!

Little blurry, but all the kids are marveling at the snake Jodi found in her living room.
August was Bible School.  I helped teach the 3-4 year olds. 

kids waiting to sign in each day

Jorge and Mili coloring

August was also Expo (4H).  It was so neat to see kids as they displayed/presented their projects and the pride and joy they had doing it.

In August, I also watched the Maller girls, Lucy, Alicia, and Gisel.

Favorite way to jump on the trampoline=hose or sprinkler and getting all wet!

So, sorry for the long post, but hope you enjoyed a little glimpse at my life lately.  Hopefully the next post is shorter and more timely.  May God bless you all and may we all keep shining our lights where ever we are!